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Muslim Americans react to Islamophobic rhetoric by going to the polls
2016.11.09 07:49:23

Responding to Donald Trump's anti-Islam rhetoric this past year, Muslim Americans are heading to the ballot box. According to the US Council of Muslim Organizations, a record number - more than one million - of Muslim Americans registered to vote.

Many within the community showcased their election day thoughts with #MyMuslimVote

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Islamophobia at polls
2016.11.09 07:47:02

Looks like the incident we mentioned earlier isn't isolated. A few more reports here, using the hashtag #IslamophobiaAtPolls

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America season finale
2016.11.09 07:18:36

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Islamophobia at the polls
2016.11.09 07:14:29

Islamophobia has been one of the defining features of this campaign with a pledge to ban Muslims from entering the US featuring prominently on Trump's platform.

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How the US voted historically
2016.11.09 07:12:40

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Stein, Johnson and other third party candidates are staying positive
2016.11.09 07:11:15

Third Party candidates have virtually no chance of winning the US election, but supporters argue they are needed to fill the void in American politics. In this year's race there are dozens of other candidates challenging Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We took a look at some of the more prominent, or colourful candidates. Read more here.

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Harambe: Gone but not forgotten
2016.11.09 07:07:38

For those of you not familiar with this meme, Harambe was a gorilla shot dead by zookeepers when he began dragging a boy who fell into his enclosure.

Harambe may have died but in his death he gave rise to a seemingly immortal meme, part of which included writing him in as a presidential candidate.

Just a bunch of weirdos on the internet right? Wrong.

In one poll in Texas, the Western lowland gorilla was tied with the Green Party's Jill Stein.

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Bernie aims for a GOP knockout
2016.11.09 07:04:48

Bernie Sanders is touching on a sentiment many Democrats are sharing on Twitter. They don't want to beat Trump, but they want to kill the ideology behind him.

A heavy enough defeat for the Republicans- they reason- may force the party to take a long hard look at itself,

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Stone Cold Steve Austin joins presidential race
2016.11.09 07:02:02

The former WWE World Heavyweight champion, who famously delivered the Stone Cold stunner on Donald Trump, is standing as a write-in candidate on a platform of lowering beer prices.

(And here's the stunner)

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Cricketing beards have it their way
2016.11.01 15:01:01

Beards have ultimately won not one but two series against New Zealand this year. While the bearded team won all the five test matches, the one-day series was won by three matches to two. The last One Day International (ODI) at Visakahpatnam must have been very disappointing for the New Zealanders. They lost it by as many as 190 runs, a stunning defeat – all because of too many bearded men in the field?

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India's disappearing freedom of expression
2016.10.22 16:03:53

Ram Chandra Guha, a free-thinker, author and a historian who has authored numerous books on Indian History and random societal matters, recently enumerated eight reasons why Indians cannot speak freely. He says India is a 50-50 democracy. It is democratic only in a few respects and it is not so in many other respects. He says the country is free in respect of conduct of free and fair elections and movement within the country. It is, however, only partly democratic in other ways. “The democratic deficit” that largely occurs is in the area of freedom of expression.

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Rahul, Sonia Gandhi - like mother like son
2016.10.14 19:47:49

Plummeting standards of political discourse in the country can surprisingly be largely attributed to its “Grand Old Party”, the Indian National Congress. Some years ago, its current president, Sonia Gandhi, called Narendra Modi, the then chief minister of Gujarat, “maut ka saudagar” (merchant of death), hinting at his alleged role in the Gujarat communal riots of 2002.

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2016.10.05 19:17:53

As I came back home that afternoon, my wife excitedly told me as she opened the door that there had been a “surgical strike” across the LoC (Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir). The TV was on and I asked her whether there had been any retaliatory nuclear bombings or missile (tactical or otherwise) attacks. She didn’t know. She had just heard of the “strike” when I rang the bell. I was expecting the worst.

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Nehru thwarted two winnable wars
2016.09.16 18:46:13

Aroop Raha, the Indian Air Force chief recently articulated his disappointment that the country’s air power was not fully utilized during the first war with Pakistan in 1948. Likewise, he said, the airpower was not used during the 1962 war with China.

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India's slipping values
2016.09.02 19:00:56

A photograph was recently published of a villager carrying his dead wife’s body on his shoulder while his daughter walked alongside crying all the way. The unfortunate incident happened somewhere in the interiors of the backward district of Kalahandi of the state of Odisha.

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Chief Minister Kashmir gets the right perspective
2016.08.31 16:11:32

Earlier last week Chief Minister Mahmooda Mufti’s speech was being telecast live by India TV.  I wanted to check where did she speak in the vein that she did which appeared to be highly rational. I scanned all the newspapers that I get – Hindi as well as English – but I could not find it covered in any of them. The Times of India, of course, did not report it and even The Hindu – a newspaper that reports in detail everything of national interest uttered by a person of the stature of a chief minister – seemed to have glossed over it.

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Our Life, Our Times: Changing Lives Through Technology
2016.07.31 16:06:42

“Desh aage barh raha hai” (the country is marching ahead), this is what Prime Minister Modi has been saying at various fora. Many would not agree with what he says. They would be right as in many areas of governmental activities not much change is perceptible. In fact, they have got worse.

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Roma - 'Children of India'
2016.06.29 18:07:24

While reading a review of a film I was surprised to learn that it was made by a Roma about a large Roma family. The film is about a sunny day when the family with about 15 kids in tow goes out on a sunny day with tp celebrate their fresh start in Berlin. The name of the film is “And-Ek Ghes” in Romani (“One fine day” in English) which the reviewer found “visually chaotic” but telling an intimate tale of their “tumultuous uprooting” and yet of “strong hope, often contrived and staged”.

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Corruption hindering growth and prosperity
2016.06.12 15:22:59

Rummaging through my collection of newspaper clippings I came across one that was of a fairly recent origin. Its sub-head said corruption remains major barrier to growth in India. This earth-shattering finding was made by as unlikely an organization as the World Economic Forum (WEF), a Swiss non-profit based near Geneva. Its mission is supposed to be "... improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas".

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Sonia Gandhi's Congress is allergic to truth
2016.02.01 15:28:33

The Indian National Congress High Command has sent a show-cause notice to the Mumbai Congress chief, Sanjay Nirupam, for publishing an unsigned article in the November 2015 issue of “Congress Darshan”, a mouthpiece of the Party in Mumbai, denigrating the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the Party’s current president, Sonia Gandhi.

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