Monday, June 18, 2018
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The Biggest Threat to Peace in Middle East

shieldA build-up of heightened tension in the Middle East has been escalating in the last few weeks. American and Israeli postures towards Lebanon, Syria, and Iran have become more threatening. Listening to speeches of political leaders, one hears talks only about war, not peace. Iranians and Israelis are continuously training hard for a possible showdown. Both sides are conducting extensive war games every month.

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On the eve of the Gaza Flotilla Mission

gaza-callingTalking about Athens and Jerusalem in Athens

There is often a noticeable discrepancy between what one claims to be and what one actually is.  Hegel taught us that our self-perception is a fragile and evolving amalgam of the way we like to see ourselves  and the way we are mirrored by others.

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Yes, we are all Greece!

debtAn Important Lesson in Economics for Labor

Sorry, Professor Krugman, but we are Greece!  Not just the United States of America, but most free-market, first world nations as well.
Current economic markets may treat the larger, more powerful countries such as the US and Britain with some deference, such as acceptance of lower rates on bonds; however, when the can of worms is finally uncovered, they too will march in sad step with Greece, Portugal, Spain… and the unnamed rest.

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Government Semantics and Stupid Americans

wtcThe words bandied about by the government and the U.S. media surely must give those of us that can still think for ourselves a great deal of pause.  It appears that just about everyone that opposes U.S. intervention in any country becomes an “insurgent”. Those that actually attack our troops in foreign countries automatically become “terrorists”. It doesn’t matter what pretext we storm into a country with U.S. troops with, those that oppose us are automatically dumped in the same category.

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Kagan's Troubling Record

Elena KaganAfter President Obama nominated Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court, he made a statement that implied she would follow in the footsteps of Justice Thurgood Marshall, the civil rights giant and first black Supreme Court justice. Kagan served as a law clerk for Marshall shortly after she graduated from Harvard Law School. Specifically, Obama said that Marshall's “understanding of law, not as an intellectual exercise or words on a page, but as it affects the lives of ordinary people, has animated every step of Elena’s career.” Unfortunately, history does not support Obama's optimism that Kagan is a disciple of Marshall.

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