Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Apartheid Israel Killing of Demonstrators

naksa-protestersSharpeville & Golan Massacres Compared

In recent weeks the Israelis have been shooting and killing unarmed Arabs demonstrating for Palestinian Human Rights. In the latest incident on the illegally Israel-occupied Syrian Golan Heights, Israeli soldiers killed 2 dozen demonstrators and wounded 350. Apartheid Australia (it applies race-based discriminatory laws against its Indigenous Australian, Afghan and refugee subjects) has supported US Alliance bombing of Libya but remains Israel’s best friend after the US.

A noisy debate erupted in Australia recently because Greens Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon supported Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel. Lee Rhiannon was attacked by the Australian Liberal Party-National Party Coalition Opposition and the Australian Labor Party Government (aka the Lib-Labs) which both support anti-democratic, race-based, genocidal, war criminals, Zionist- Israel.

On the Australian taxpayer-funded ABC national TV Q&A program on 6 June 2011 (Google Q&A), Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon tried to defend the BDS position against vociferous pro-Zionists. Naturally enough, reference was made to the latest cowardly and murderous Israeli massacre of about 2 dozen unarmed Palestinian protesters on the illegally Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

In what is becoming a regular feature of this secretively and deceptively pro-Zionist ABC TV program (which typically has a hugely disproportionate number of pro-Zionist panelists), Q&A did not tell its audience that of the 5 panelists, one, Liberal MP Christopher Pyne, had been on a sponsored trip to Apartheid Israel (for an analysis of such Zionist- sponsored trips to Israel see Middle East Reality Check, “I’ve been to Israel too”). Q&A did reveal on its website that another panelist, Sandy Gutman (aka comedian Austen Tayshus), is an Australian Jewish Zionist who has visited Apartheid Israel and then met with then Israeli President Zalman Shazar in Jerusalem (the war criminal, nuclear terrorist president of Israel, 1963-1973 i.e. during the nuclear terrorist Israeli acquisition of nuclear weapons and the war criminal, unprovoked invasion of Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt in 1967).

Another panelist Paul McGeough, former editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, has reported from the West Bank and Gaza strip, and was violently kidnapped together with 4 other Australians (1 tasered, 1 shot) in international waters by Israeli terrorists (including some Israeli Australian terrorists) while  on board the Gaza flotilla attempting to evade the Israeli port blockade of Palestine in 2010 last year and which was attacked by Israeli terrorists (9 Turks, including a Turkish American, were killed). A further panelist was a Labor Party Minister, noting that the Australian Labor Party has been  lavishly supported by the Zionists, this including huge financial donations from the proceeds of the most massive white-collar criminality in the nation’s history.

The Australian pro-Zionist Lib-Labs (who together receive about 80% of the primary vote in Australia) are locked in to disgraceful support for racist Zionist-run Israel. Decent Australians must oppose the malignant, secretive domination of Australian politics by the Zionists by exposing these unacceptable links and by supporting the BDS campaign against genocidal Apartheid Israel.
Outstanding anti-racist, humanitarian Jewish Australian writers, scholars and citizens such as Antony Loewensteiin (author of “My Israel Question”), the Independent Australian Jewish Voices (IAJV), and Jews Against the Occupation (Sydney) are courageously showing the way. Thus in March 2010 a large number of decent, anti-racist Australian Jews signed a petition against the racist and genocidal Israeli "law of return" that gives all Jews (as defined by the racist Zionists running Apartheid Israel) the "right" to live in Palestine with Israeli citizenship to the exclusion of maybe 7 million Palestinians forbidden to live in the land inhabited continuously by their Palestinian forebears since the literal dawn of history.

According to outstanding Jewish Australian writer Antony Loewenstein: "Some of the key signatories include world-renowned ethicist Peter Singer, actor Miriam Margolyes, legendary feminist campaigner Eva Cox, La Trobe University’s Dennis Altman, Monash University’s Andrew Benjamin, Sydney University’s David Goodman and John Docker, legal scholar GJ Lindell, best-selling author and journalist Antony Loewenstein, writers Susan Varga and Sara Dowse, ANU’s Ned Curthoys and many others” (see: here)
The racist Zionists represent a huge threat not just to Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims but also to decent, antiracist, humanitarian Jews. Indeed outstanding Jewish American scholar Professor Bertell Ollman has stated: “An all out struggle against Zionism by Jews, therefore, is also the most effective way to fight against real anti-Semitism. Furthermore, if Zionism is indeed a particularly virulent form of nationalism and, increasingly, of racism and if Israel is acting toward its captive minority in ways that resemble more and more how the Nazis treated their Jews, then we must also say so.

For obvious reasons, the Zionists are very sensitive about being compared to the Nazis (not so sensitive that it has restrained them in their actions but enough to bellow "unfair" and to charge "anti-Semitism" when it happens). Yet, the facts on the ground, when not obscured by one or another Zionist rationalization, show that the Zionists are the worst anti-Semites in the world today, oppressing a Semitic people as no nation has done since the Nazis.”
The Zionists (and their supporters are blot on decent, humane Jewry and grossly violate humane and universalist Judaism. The Zionists should be condemned internationally and sidelined in national public life as has happened to like racists such as Nazis, neo-Nazis, and the KKK. Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity.

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