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The Criminalit​y of the Murdoch Empire

When Sorry Isn't EnoughWhen Sorry Isn't Enough

Historians may one day define the closing decades of the 20th Century as an era defined by the principle of unlimited access to cheap Middle Eastern petro-dollars; a time when any idiot son of privilege with access to the fountain of finance could engineer the take-over of a long-established, well-managed company to strip its assets and milk its cash-flow, a time when any individual, company, organisation or government that couldn't be driven into ruin or corrupted could be bought. The result has been a transition from an economic system of broad, competent ownership and management to one of concentrated ownership unmanageable in the hands of myopic, often corrupt or just plain incompetent power players.

Of Rebecca Brooks:

I have never seen a woman so driven by ambition and yet so lacking talent.” -The Mail Online 9 July 2011

All of this was of course, established on a foundation of military domination, which has in turn, erupted into the ongoing destructive and lethal violence that has become the defining theme of the 21st Century alongside the crumbling edifice of the global, western, capitalist economy. This is the context in which Rupert Murdoch’s plastic “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! – please don’t spoil my bid for another chunk of corporate capitalist media!” emerges as an attempt to pacify a convulsion in which even the most corrupt participants in this orgy of ruthless capitalist intrigue struggle to swallow their own vomit. But Rupert Murdoch is a man who has too little time left to repent enough of his sins to save him from an eternal damnation, if anything at all exists beyond the myopic, egocentric life he currently leads.

A Destructive Influence on Democracy

Far from serving the function that it should, of objectively and truthfully informing the democratic process the Corporate Mainstream Media is engaged in systematic fraud and deception in the process of manufacturing consent.

For example: “Scores, if not hundreds, of front-page stories were written by the PR men. They would think up a headline and story and The Sun and News of the World would run it, word for word. Some of them were complete fiction.” -Mail Online 9 July 2011

So extreme is the deception that people seeking a truthful representation of world affairs have deserted the mainstream media in favour of the Internet and mainstream paper media readership has dramatically declined. Even the media claims to circulation are a self-confessed fraud:

Sadly, unscrupulous publishers will sometimes claim to distribute more issues than they really do. Others print and then dump thousands of copies to fool advertisers, so advertisers are only getting a half truth”. -The Hervey Bay Observer March 23 2011

Alternative media is flourishing subject to the demands of vast numbers of thinking people hungry to understand the reality of underlying forces, processes and events of world affairs and their understanding is radically different to that held by the shrinking, lethargic majority who have little time, interest or awareness to investigate beyond the corporate media bubble, yet increasingly feel the pinch of that reality as the global economy falters and the wealth divide continues to accelerate.

The Murdoch Empire has been at the forefront of this entrenchment of mainstream media as a tool for manufacturing consent and the empire has expanded precisely because it serves the interests of those who benefit from the accelerating wealth divide, the corporate domination of world affairs and the spoils of resource war. So much so that people have coined the term “Murdochracies” to refer to the fraudulent “democracies” of Britain, Australia and the United States (in particular) and their manipulation by the Murdoch Media Empire et al. at the behest of the people who own western capitalism.

The exposure of criminal activity of News of the World is clearly just a glimpse of a much wider culture of criminal wrong-doing. As David Cameron struggles to excuse himself for his association with a discredited and implicated former editor Andy Coulson, Coulson's former deputy Neil Wallis is arrested, Britain's top police officer Sir Paul Stephenson resigns over having employed him and the pressure on assistant commissioner John Yates to resign over the failure to properly investigate the phone-hacking crimes increases we see a network power connections unfolding. This is a system of patronage and protection that has been the foundation of an arrogant confidence that has prevailed in the Murdoch Empire; a belief that they operate above the law and that serious crimes are just a part of getting the job done.

For example:

As recently as last Christmas, the Camerons went to the home Mrs Brooks shares with her second husband, Old Etonian Charlie Brooks, for a festive lunch with her boss, James Murdoch. The meal took place just days after Mr Cameron stripped Business Secretary Vince Cable, an avowed enemy of Rupert Murdoch, of his power to decide on Mr Murdoch’s attempt to take full control of BSkyB. Responsibility was handed to Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, an unabashed fan of the media mogul.” -The Daily Mail 10 July 2011

It’s no different in conception, mental attitude and practice to the system of patronage and protection that enables organised crime to maintain an international drugs trade to the extent that there is a mistaken popular belief that the drugs trade is unstoppable.

Allies of the Criminal Empire

For over 35 years, more than half my life, I have been witness to the visible surface of the machinations and intrigues of the Murdoch Media Empire in the service of power and for the expansion of its own influence, all of it corrupt, cynical and unscrupulous with never a hint of adherence to principle, commitment to fairness or social justice or any other shared values that may serve the betterment of community or the world.

In Australia I witnessed its treasonous treachery, cynical misrepresentation, insidious deception, corrupt deal-making and political bias that misled, duped and cheated the Australian public to undermine media and economic regulation, degrade democracy and influence  national decisions in a way that would ultimately open the floodgates to the foreign buy-out of the Australian economy and government that has rendered the vast majority of Australians as utterly powerless tenants in their own country while endowing a few corrupt individuals with obscene wealth, acquired through no meritorious activity or achievement other than having access to the necessary connections, privilege and influence. Entirely consistent with all of this, Murdoch relinquished his citizenship and moved the seat of his empire closer to the centre of the wider criminal empire of western capitalism that had groomed and promoted him in the service of their mutual interests; a criminal symbiosis.

In 2006 I experienced first-hand how ambush and manipulative use of psychology are routinely applied in media interviews to achieve an imbalance and misrepresentation that serves the particular spin desired by those who construct the media forum. Stood in a field attached to an earpiece and a microphone, facing a camera and having no connection with those I was communicating with or even aware if my words were being heard at all, my viewpoint was thoroughly disadvantaged. It was ill-mannered and unethical in the extreme, yet with this insight I've seen these techniques in action countless times.

While in the UK I saw first-hand the disastrous consequences for ordinary people of the same scheme of privatisation that had been progressed in Australia with the reverent support of the Murdoch Empire and the complete blackout of the contrary case and warnings that were being presented in parliament and senate and the out-of-mainstream debate. I saw the destruction of British film and television by a broadcasting licence re-shuffle that absolutely stank of corrupt behind-the-scenes deals and somehow miraculously proved a windfall for the Murdoch Empire and the invasion of US “culture” in the UK. The suspicious death of Robert Maxwell and subsequent destructive autopsy of his network of shareholdings is a thematic icon for the Murdoch invasion of Fleet Street; ruthless, remorseless and reminiscent of the Russian crime network’s scramble for control of energy resources. While the Murdoch Media Empire was surely not innovative in corrupt cooperation between media and power, where conflict of interest is a CV requirement, and surely was not alone in its practice, it was certainly a leader and pace-setter that significantly cranked up the tempo.

Allies in Global, Criminal Violence

When the criminal empire embarked on the new energy resource wars of the 21st Century the Murdoch press was its staunchest ally and the degraded condition of both the British and Australian governments, particularly in Australia, that rendered them toadying servants of the violent, psychopathic warmongers had been largely the result of decades of Murdoch Media Manipulation.

The Murdoch Empire was relentless in in the twin-edged process of tirelessly repeating the lies, chants and slogans of the war-mongers while suppressing the contrary views under a comprehensive, oxygen-depriving blanket of media indifference. In the incalculable cost of these wars in loss of life, horrific injury, destruction of infrastructure, displacement and loss of economic and personal security the corporate mainstream media is steeped in blood and in this the Murdoch Media Empire is a front-runner.

Since the initiation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the case for arrest and trial of people like Blair and Bush and the many lackeys who have assisted them for war crimes has been highly developed. The failure to punish the people responsible for these crimes is an omission, which if it is not soon addressed, will open the way to ongoing war and violence with even greater cost in violence, death, injury and destruction for decades to come. Yet the push for war crimes prosecutions over the illegal aggressions in Afghanistan and Iraq appears as barely a whisper in the corporate, mainstream media and in this, the silence of the Murdoch Media Empire is absolute.

In all three respects the Murdoch Media Empire is steeped in blood.


In its ruthless, self-serving allegiance with the cabal of war-mongering, neo-con psychopaths the Murdoch Media Empire has wedded itself to and facilitated a system of criminal abuse of power that has destroyed western democracy by mass disinformation and deception, contributed significantly to a system of manipulated acceleration of the wealth divide and corporate corruption that has destabilised the entire global capitalist economy and promoted two illegal, immoral, violent and aggressive resource wars that have had and will continue in the future to have lethal and destructive consequences on a vast scale.

It really is not enough that Rupert Murdoch sends his idiot son to plead ignorance and then follows along to say “sorry” and plead his own ignorance also:

"As founder of the company I was appalled to find out what had happened and I apologised, and I have nothing further to say."

“…The scandal has since drawn in British Prime Minister David Cameron, politicians and the police, raising concerns over the workings of power in Britain.” -Courier Mail 16 July 2011

The “workings of power in Britain”; indeed! and the rest of the world also.

What arrogance! What brazen dishonesty! What complete disregard for any notion of truth and ethics!

Based on what I have witnessed over 35 years of the action and evident attitude and philosophy inherent in the Murdoch Media Empire, for Rupert Murdoch to claim, in his open letter of apology, that:

Our business was founded on the idea that a free and open press should be a positive force in society” is an outrage to say the very least. The whole empire is a monument to the very opposite.

The BBC portrayal of Rupert Murdoch in his cowardly “no responsibility” apology is a shameful deceit symptomatic of the contagious disease that is everything the Murdoch Media Empire stands for:

He was humbled, shaken and sincere. This was something that had hit him on a personal level. He apologised many times and held his head in his hands.” -BBC News UK 15 July 2011

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