Monday, April 23, 2018
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Sex, Lies and Jesus

Courtesy of TruthdigI believe gay rights and women’s reproductive rights are two divisive subjects Catholics and fundamentalists refuse to rationally examine. These are two issues over which Jesus remained silent. He did say divorce was adultery (Matthew 19:9) Christians pretty much ignore him on that one.

If you must quote the Old Testament on these subjects then you need to enforce all its absurdities along with the prohibition against sodomy (rape actually) and infanticide (fetuses are NOT babies and should be subject exclusively to the pregnant woman’s decisions). In reality Israeli warriors (then and now) didn’t mind slaughtering other peoples babies—especially Palestinians.

Not since slavery pitted 19th century Biblical literalists against abolitionists, has an issue more divided people of faith. The flames of hostility toward gays in this county are joyously fanned by opportunist politicians, theocrats and well-healed fascist billionaires anxious to capitalize on civil discontent, unemployment, poverty and despair. 

Catholic and fundamentalist rationalizations for their misplaced beliefs about homosexuality are based exclusively on interpretations of the ranting of their sky-god—and nothing else—not science, contemporary morals, sociology or even Christ’s own words. (Is there any respectable protestant theologian today who believes the Bible to be infallibly God-inspired?)

Baptist bishop Charles Whorley recently well expressed the irrational revulsion that is the real reason behind Christian resistance to universal human rights. Has one fundamentalist pastor or Catholic official publicly condemned Whorley and his proposals to put all homosexuals in concentration camps?

Sound familiar? Whorley’s statements reveal the deep truth behind the reprobate fundamentalist aversion to any rights for LGBT persons. I know it’s a tired analogy, but blaming the troubles of a war-wasted, ill-managed, desperate fiscal economy on Muslims, conscientious women of reproductive age, immigrants, the poor and gays reminds me of nothing so much as the fascist scapegoating of Jews during the collapse of Weimar.

When does tolerance become acquiescence and silence ascent? It is past time for responsible people to call out these “Christians” for their un-Christlike behavior that is without a shred of rational, theological or moral validity.

Fundamentalists never shy from revealing their ignorance about sexuality, evolution, Israel, the Bible, women’s morals and the arguments made by their critics.

An ignorant falsehood is still false, and a deliberate falsehood is a lie no matter what vestments the advocate wears. Hate is especially odious when uttered from the pulpit in the name of the Prince of Peace.

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