Monday, March 19, 2018
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Obama’s India Gasland scenario

obama-indiaUS plans for Indian shale gas

Low polluting developing countries like India have a great opportunity to avoid the mistakes of the worst per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) polluting First World countries such as the US, Canada and Australia. However while burning natural gas  can be as dirty GHG-wise as burning coal,  Obama  falsely says otherwise and the US is cooperating with the corrupt, Zionist-infected Indian Government to exploit huge Indian shale gas deposits, an environmental travesty that will bring the shocking US Gasland scenario to India and help doom the Planet.

India has a very low annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution of about 2 tones CO2-equivalent per person per year as compared to 27 for the US. This means that for a safe Planet India has about 40 years to get to the zero global CO2 emissions  demanded by top climate scientists while the US must do this in 10 years (see Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, “Terra quasi-incognita: beyond the 2 degree C line”< 4 Degrees & Beyond, International Climate Conference, 26-30 September 2009, Oxford University, UK). In the path to zero emissions (and beyond) India must not make the same mistakes as the European World which is responsible for 71% of post-Industrial Revolution carbon dioxide (CO2)  pollution in the atmosphere. India has already made huge mistakes in relation to permitting cigarette smoking and cars. However India has huge shale gas deposits and for the sake of India and the Planet Indians must ensure that this gas is not exploited – it represents a huge threat to India and to Humanity.
India has huge reserves of natural gas trapped in shale fields. Such natural gas is being accessed on a huge scale in the US through horizontal drilling and “fracking”, whereby shale deposits are fractured to release the gas through pumping water and a cocktail of chemicals are pumped at huge pressure into shale rock formations to push gas into pockets for easier recovery. Shale gas enthusiast Max Schultz writes: “Proven reserves of natural gas in the United States have been revised upward by 50 percent in the last decade, and those numbers are sure to climb higher as more shale gas is discovered.

Perhaps not surprisingly, other nations are sending geologists to the United States to study techniques for extracting gas from unconventional sources. China, India, and Australia all have enormous shale fields. In the coming decades, the shale gale won’t be just an American phenomenon; it will blow all over the globe. Physics ensures that a green renewable energy economy promised by President Obama will never happen, no matter how much wishful thinking and government subsidy is applied.” (See Max Schultz, “The Quiet Energy Revolution”).  In reality, shale gas is a huge threat to India.

Because natural gas-fired power plants emit half the CO2 and much lower levels of other pollutants per unit energy produced as coal-fired plants there is a big push for a coal to gas transition. However methane (CH4; the major constituent of natural gas) leaks and is 72 times worse than carbon dioxide (CO2) as a greenhouse gas (GHG) on a 20 year time scale. It can be readily calculated that a 3.7% leakage of CH4 yields that same GHG effect as burning the remaining 96.7% of the CH4.  Thus if gas-fired power plants have half the CO2 pollution of coal-fired plants then a 3.7% gas leakage would mean that gas-fired plants would be about as a dirty GHG-wise as coal-fired plants i.e. a coal to gas transition would be a wasted investment from a GHG perspective.

The US EPA has recently re-assessed the percentage (%) of natural gas (mostly methane) that leaks industrially. According to David Lewis in an article entitled “EPA confirms natural gas leakage rates” (The Energy Collective, 7 December 2010) this means that:  “3.25 % of US natural gas production leaks into the atmosphere as methane gas.  The industry has been saying the leaks are tiny, less than a fraction of 1%.”

We know that natural gas is not “clean energy” because gas-fired power plants generate the major GHG carbon dioxide (CO2) and are variously associated with other deleterious pollutants including carbon particulates, sulphur dioxide (SO2),  carbon monoxide (CO), carcinogenic aromatics, carcinogenic polycyclic aromatics, variously toxic fat-soluble organometallics, and nitrogen oxides including nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitric oxide (NO) (collectively termed NOx) that are variously deleterious to human health, plant growth and the environment.

This latest data on industrial gas leakage means that natural gas burning is about as dirty GHG-wise as coal burning. New gas- and coal-fired power plants should not be built. Indeed a country like Australia can have 100% renewable energy by 2020 using existing technologies (see Beyond Zero Emissions’ Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan, ZCA2020).

We need to keep all fossil fuels in the ground and to eliminate other GHG sources (notably CH4 from livestock production that may represent over 51% of total annual GHG pollution according to World Bank analysts Robert Goodland and Jeff Anfang) so that we can return the atmospheric CO2 concentration from the present dangerous 392 parts per million (ppm) to a level of about 300 ppm for a  safe planet for all peoples and all species as advocated by top climate scientists and 100 % renewable energy by 2020 is eminently feasible for all countries with plenty of wind and sunlight (e.g. see the Beyond Zero Emissions ZCA2020 Report ).

High natural gas leakage means that Humanity  must stop the gas boom, the gas rush and the global worsening of the scenario exposed in the shocking movie Gasland in which US drinking water and the environment are being horribly contaminated through industrial "fracking" (deep underground rock fracturing to release natural gas).

During US President Obama's visit to India in November 2010 India and the US agreed to cooperate in the fields of “clean” energy technology and shale gas with Obama stating: “"We agreed to deepen our co-operation in pursuit of clean energy technologies, including the creation of a new clean energy research centre here in India, and continuing our joint research into solar, biofuels, shale gas and building efficiency." Solar energy and building efficiency is just fine, but gas is not “clean”, shale gas will be a disaster for India and the World and biofuel has driven up food prices driving a worsening biofuel genocide (that already contributes to the avoidable death from deprivation of about 20 million people annually, this including about 5 million in South Asia).

India is acutely threatened by man-made global warming. Indeed it is estimated that unaddressed man-made global warming will kill 2 billion Indians this century in 10 billion victim global climate genocide.  If it permits “fracking” of its huge shale gas deposits, India will ultimately be the agent of its own destruction through Gasland-style environmental pollution, runaway global greenhouse pollution and runaway greenhouse effect.

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