Friday, December 09, 2016
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President Obama, close Guantanamo before it's too late!

Guantanamo Bay

Almost eight years ago you promised to the world to close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay within one year. You haven’t kept this, but many other promises, too. Perhaps it comes with the office of the US presidency that incumbents change so rapidly.

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Presidential Apprentice

Presidential Apprentice

Two months before joining the government in an entry level position, President- elect Donald Trump has been learning the ropes and is busier than a bartender ten minutes before midnight at a Times Square Applebee’s on New Year’s Eve.

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Fidel in His Own Words

My thoughts are on one topic above all others today, Fidel Castro’s passing, and the end of an era, unknown what may follow but hopeful.

Fidel Castro

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Eternal Glory to El Commandante Fidel Castro!

Despite all the hostile American policies and sabotage, the Cuban revolution stood its ground.

Fidel Castro

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Donald Trump, Drug Warrior?


For the millions of people whose lives have been ruined or are going to be ruined by the drug war, so far things are not looking too positive under a Donald Trump administration. That’s because the man who Trump wants to be his attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, is one of the government’s most ardent drug warriors.

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