Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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When BBC Calls, Don’t Answer..

israel policemen

That is, don’t answer, if you are a certified critic of Israeli policies and practices.

The siren lure of big time media is partly a romancing of the ego, partly a rare moment to intrude a moment or two of truthfulness into the endless spinning of the Israel’s narrative that stresses its extravagantly humane response to Hamas flurries of rockets and alleged human shield tactics.

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The 17th day – may it be the last


by Adam Keller

The following was written down during two hours of this morning, interrupted by intensive listening to the news and one air raid alarm and a bit of weekend  shopping. And perhaps there will after all be a cease-fire and everything I have written in the morning will become outdated, a museum piece, before I had a chance to post it. May it be so!

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Operation Security Bottom

iron-domeby Osama Gil-laden in Jerusalem

Avi Dichter, former head of the Israel Security Agency and home front defense minister, declared earlier this week that “there is no Iron Dome against the terror tunnels.” The message is devastatingly clear; the Jewish people are now attacked from below – the bottom front is bare and widely open.

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Drug-War Nonsense from a U.S. Commander

Gen. John F. Kelly

Immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Pentagon got a bit freaked out. People were talking about a “peace dividend,” by which they meant that Americans now had the opportunity to significantly reduce military spending now that the 45-year-old Cold War had ended.

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In Foreign Affairs, Not Doing Anything Is the Thing to Do


The heartbreaking violence in the Middle East, Ukraine, and elsewhere carries many messages, but here’s one Americans shouldn’t miss: The United States — no matter who the president is — cannot manage world conflict. The corollary is that when a president tries to manage it, things will usually get worse. Foresight is always defective, and tragic unintended consequences will prevail.

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