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Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit


Gilad ShalitThe victory of Palestinian resistance
By Hiyam Noir and Fadwa Nassar

It was during the evening on Tuesday the news came: that an apparent exchange deal between the Palestinian resistance, in this case the al-Qassam Brigades, which represents the Palestinian resistance, and the Zionists entity in the exchange deal of prisoners has finally succeeded.

As soon as the breaking news were announced, Palestinian TV stations stopped all of their programming, to broadcast the speech of Hamas movements political bureau chief, Khaled Mecha'al. All information was published and circulated worldwide and in the international electronic media, in addition interviews were held with family members of the great leaders of the Palestinian resistance, detained in prisons of the Zionist entity.

Then came the flood of people in the streets of the besieged Gaza celebrating the impending exchange. The Gazans righteously regarded this victory as its very own, since that it is Gaza that experienced two mayor Zionist attacks. The first which lasted ten days, in the aftermath of the resistance abduction in 2006 of the Zionist soldier, Gilad Shalit. The second assault was the Operation Cast Lead, in December 2008, a 21 days long Blitz-Krieg on Gaza, killing more than 1500, including 346 children, wounding over 4000 people, all that monstrous cruelty - an in vain attempt to recover Gilad Shalit. Gaza population was the first to welcome the agreement, the culmination of it’s suffering and the Palestinian resistance sacrifices and coronation of loyalty -  to the path of resistance.

In front of tens of thousands of citizens, the acting Prime Minister of Gaza Ismail Haniyé, and a government spokesman, Mr. Khalil al-Hayya, greeted all Palestinians, the Arabs and the people of the free world, whom have kept faith in the resistance of the Palestinian people, supporting it in its national liberation struggle, against the Zionist enemy and its accomplices in the world, engaged in a constant, brutal violence against the people of Gaza, which in fact further extended Shalit’s captivity.

An especially great thank you, was expressed to the Egyptian government - the very new and transformed Egyptian republic, which has managed to protect Palestinian interests during the negotiations with the Zionists. In a sense, this is one of the first great achievements of the Egyptian peoples revolution, which toppled Hosny Mubarak and his brutal regime. The old Egyptian regime had throughout the years, indeed by coercion, put extreme burdensome conditions on the Palestinian resistance to accept the conditions of the Zionists occupation, intended to suppress and marginalize the Palestinian resistance social standing. Yet, despite of all obstacles to be overcome, the Palestinian resistance have firmly held its strong standing.

Case studies also explain the Zionist acceptance of the agreement, which includes Palestinian claims as a whole. Zionist leaders fear that the Egyptian regime change may undergo a transformation of a more hostile position against the Zionist occupation - after the Egyptian elections, ending the negotiations of Gilad Shalit, 1934 days in captivity, who followed in the path of Ron Arad, the Zionist air force weapon systems officer, classified as missing in action since 1986 on a mission to attack PLO targets near Sidon in Lebanon, and never recovered since.

To call forth, the price paid by the Palestinian people in terms of the resistance to reach an agreement, was very high. Due to the criminal siege on Gaza the Palestinian society, particularly in Gaza endured all the suffering, many were killed, dozens of MPs were arrested and some of them are still detained suffering from a reduced quality of life conditions as a result of brutal measures taken by the Zionist entity against them.

This exchange agreement is in its absolute sense, a victory for the Palestinian resistance and to all who have faith in the path of the resistance. If the agreement is completed, for the first time, the Zionists will be forced to release prisoners held captive in the occupied territories and in the prisons of (48) of al-Quds, which so far have been persistently rejected since the last exchange in al-Nawras,1985. Even on this occasion, the sister of the prisoner Fouad Razzaz from Maqdisi, said that regarding the prisoners of al-Quds and the resistance of Islamic Jihad, the Zionist occupant have moved them back to their cell-blocks, after transporting with bus to freedom, other prisoners.

This means that the Zionists can never be trusted, any agreement with them, must be closely monitored to prevent in the last minute, a serious setback. Calling upon the Palestinian resistance to firmly stay on guard to prevent such a reversal, the family members of prisoners who spoke during the lengthy night that followed the announcement of the agreement expressing at first a great joy, then after the happy event came the fear, expressing and carefully considering the fact, that the Zionists did not seem too happy when they publicly announced the results of the agreement.

During his speech, Khaled Mecha'al emphasised that the exchange agreement is a victory for the entire nation and the Palestinian people, he also expressed hope that those who are used to constantly examine and critically judge Hamas movement, also can figure out how impressive the final triumph is.

Several years ago, in 2006, the leader of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon, Sayyid Hassan Nasrullah, announced to all Lebanese and free people of this world, the victory. Some refused to admit the triumph - and collaborated with the Zionist occupant and their accomplices to destroy the Islamic Lebanese resistance and its achievements. Hoping that on the Palestinian side things would not improve, if judgments of the merits of the resistance were expressed in a negative manner.

However, to reach a higher level of consciousness we must stay vigilant and be must remain doubtful to this deal, a referent to the nature of things. There is support for the Palestinian prisoners hunger strike, despite the of unity on ground among the Palestinian people, there is an absence of common strategy, a program for unity against the Zionist enemy.

The hunger strike led by Palestinian political prisoners confined in the dark and cold medieval death chambers of the occupation, has led a path towards unity among the resistance, together it managed to shake the walls of the Zionist occupation. Solidarity around the prisoners on strike, whether in the occupied territories in 67, 48 or in exile, including an active participation in the hunger strikes, both in Haifa and in Nasra, and today in Umm al –Fahm, to name a few of Palestine territories occupied in 48, appear to be a promising desired outcome for Palestinian detainees, a victory which should be added to that obtained from the exchange agreement.

This exchange agreement releases only 1027 prisoners, a sixth part of 6500 prisoners, detained in Zionist prisons. Already, according to statements by the head of al-Aqsa Brigades and by Khaled Mecha'al, we know that all the 1027 combatants will be released, including those sentenced to life imprisonment. Taken into consideration, Ahlam Tamimi, Qahira Saadi  and Mouna Amné, three political prisoners which the Zionists previously refused to release. Also released among all prisoners including adult children, are prisoners which are suffering from serious diseases. From all areas and all regions 450 combatants, even Arabs sentenced to several life sentences and/or those considered ex-prisoners, serving over 20 years in prison, will be among the first group to be released, in exchange for the arrival of Zionist soldiers from Egypt and Germany.

After two months, 550 prisoners with less severe sentences, will be released, according to the exchange agreement. Of the 450 fighters that will be set free, are the great leaders of the resistance movement. With their consent, some 200 will be deported - either to Gaza or to Arab countries. According to sources of the resistance, the only item of the agenda which fell through during the negotiations, the Zionists entity demanded the deportation of 450 resistances - fighters.

Finally, the question which remains: As long as our freedom fighters are held incarcerated by the Zionist entity – when - next abduction of Zionist soldiers? As it has been proven several times throughout this long conflict, only the exchange of an kidnapped Zionists soldier, will give the resistance sufficient power resources to set free Palestinian political prisoners.

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