Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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America and Israel: Imperial Partners in Crime

obamaLongstanding ties remain firm. Both nations are imperial partners. Naked aggression is official policy. Regime change in Syria is planned. Daily events head inexorably toward full-scale intervention.

The latest incident ups the stakes. On May 4, The New York Times headlined "Israel Bombs Syria as the US Weighs Its Own Options," saying:

An unnamed US official said "Israel bombed a target in Syria overnight Thursday. (Washington) consider(s its own) military options, including carrying out (its) own air-strikes."

According to Reuters, "(t)he attack took place on Friday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet approved it in a secret meeting on Thursday night…."

These type meetings often precede imminent action. They're held to approve them.

CNN's Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr said "(t)he United States believes Israel has conducted an air-strike into Syria, two US officials tell CNN."

"US and Western intelligence agencies are reviewing classified data showing Israel most likely conducted a strike in the Thursday-Friday time frame, according to both officials."

"This is the same time frame that the US collected additional data showing Israel was flying a high number of warplanes over Lebanon."

An unnamed Israeli military source said "(w)e will do whatever is necessary to stop the transfer of weapons from Syria to terrorist organizations. We have done it in the past and we will do it if necessary the future."

Pretexts are easy to create. Washington and Israel do so to justify crimes of war and against humanity.

According to the NYT, "(t)he target was not a Syrian chemical weapons facility…." The same unnamed US official said a building was struck.

Lebanon's Daily Star said "(e)ight Israeli warplanes violated Lebanon's airspace in a span of 14 hours, flying over large swarths of the country, Army officials announced Friday."

Israeli military aircraft do so almost daily. This time was different. Lebanese overflights were "unusually high." At 7PM local time, they began.

Two Israeli warplanes entered Lebanese airspace west of Sidon. They "conducted aerial maneuvers." They left four hours later.

"Ten minutes" before they departed, "another two warplanes entered entered" Lebanese airspace "west of Jounieh." More maneuvers followed. They returned to Israel after midnight.

"At 12:35 AM, another sortie of two warplanes entered Lebanese airspace" near Beirut. They also conducted maneuvers. They left before 3:15 AM.

"At 6 AM, two more warplanes" overflew overflew "all Lebanese regions." They left at 8:50 AM.

Overflying another nation's airspace without authorization violates international law. Israel does it regularly. Lebanon is violated virtually daily. Multiple daily overflights happen often. Usually it's for reconnaissance. Other times it's for targeted strikes or war.

An updated Reuters report headlined "Israel confirms Syria strike, says hit Hezbollah-bound missiles."

On Saturday, an unnamed Israeli official admitted the air-strike. Claiming it was to destroy "Hezbollah-bound missiles" doesn't wash. More on that below.

Mossad-connected DEBKAfile (DF) headlined "Israel Air Force bombs Syrian chemical and other targets from Lebanon, Golan," saying:

Bombing occurred from "Lebanese air space and the Golan starting Friday and continuing until early Saturday…." According to US sources, "16 IAF warplanes took part."

"Some sources said the target attacked was a convoy transporting chemical arms (to) Hezbollah…." Israeli and US sources lack credibility.

DF said Washington gave Israel "a video demonstration" of its upgraded bunker buster bomb (Massive Ordnance Penetrator - MOB).

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported it. It said the Pentagon did so "to combat Iran." At issue is targeting its "most heavily fortified and defended nuclear site." Fordow is well protected. It's deep underground.

"US officials see development of the weapon as critical to convincing Israel that the US has the ability to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb if diplomacy fails, and also that Israel's military can't do that on its own."

On May 3, Michel Chossdovsky said:

"The MOP Massive Ordinance Penetrator is nicknamed the 'mother of all bombs.' Its use would inevitably trigger an out war against Iran with a scenario of military escalation."

In October 2009, "the Pentagon confirmed (its intention) to use the 'Mother of All Bombs' (MOAD) against Iran." Doing so would cause mass casualties. The upgraded version would cause many more.

MOABs "are WMDs in the true sense of the word. (Their) hidden objective (is) mass destruction and mass civilian casualties with a view to instilling fear and despair."

Perhaps Washington plans using it against Syria for the same purpose. Longstanding policy is destroying targeted nations. It's been that way since WW II.

Today's weapons are far more powerful than earlier ones. In short order, they're able to annihilate humanity entirely. It can happen whether or not planned.

Details of Israel's latest attack are sketchy. It wasn't the first lawless IDF action. For sure it won't be the last.

Last November, IDF tanks shelled cross border six times in one week. Anti-tank missiles and other munitions were used. In February, Israeli warplanes struck several Syrian targets. Reports alleged a weapons and munitions convoy heading for Lebanon was targeted.

Previous articles discussed what happened. They asked why Assad would send vitally needed weapons and munitions to Lebanon?

It makes no sense. He needs all he can get. If reports were accurate, evidence would have corroborated them. None was forthcoming.

At the time, DEBKA-file said Obama "green light(ed)" Israel to attack. Doing so revealed Israel's involvement in Washington's war.

So is NATO. Naked aggression is longstanding alliance policy. It very much reflects how Israel and America operate. Imperial priorities matter most. Rule of law principles are discarded.

War is a way of life. Both nations prioritize it. They're warrior states. Syria's being systematically ravaged. It may be entirely destroyed before conflict ends.

Israel's latest attack ups the stakes. It appears nakedly transparent. On the one hand, Israel's flexing its military muscle. On the other, it's daring Syria to respond.

Doing so would likely trigger Washington-led NATO full-scale intervention. Perhaps Israel would get involved. Anything can happen any time.

An unnamed Israeli Washington embassy spokesman declined commenting on Friday’s incident.

He said only that "Israel is determined to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons or other game-changing weaponry by the Syrian regime to terrorists, specially to Hezbollah in Lebanon."

These type statements don't wash. No evidence corroborates allegations about Syrian chemical weapons use or transfers.

Fabricated claims heighten tensions. Doing so heads things closer to all-out war. Libya 2.0 appears likely. Launching it could come any time.


Early Sunday morning, Israel bombed Syria for the second straight day. Powerful blasts shook Damascus. Massive fires followed.

Washington and Israel share joint responsibility. Hindsight may show that these attacks began full-scale intervention. It's too early to know for sure. A follow-up article will discuss more.

Imperial Partners in Crime (Part II)

In late January, Lebanese military sources reported multiple Israeli violations of Lebanon's airspace. One or more targets on the Syrian-Lebanese border were struck.

Around the same time, Israeli warplanes attacked a military research center in Jamraya. It's about 10 miles from the Lebanese border. Early Sunday morning, Israel struck it again.

On May 5, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) headlined "Explosions Hit Scientific Research Center in Jamraya Caused by an Israeli Rocket Attack, Casualties Reported."

The Damascus al-Hameh area was struck. Syrian state television said:

"The new Israeli attack is an attempt to raise the morale of the terrorist groups which have been reeling from strikes by our noble army."

"This new Israeli aggression is a clear attempt to alleviate the pressure on the armed terrorist groups after our army beat them back in several regions and after the army's victories on the road to recovering security and stability in Syria."

"This attack proves the direct involvement of the Israeli occupation in the conspiracy against Syria and its links with terrorist groups in the aggression supported by Western countries and some Gulf countries."

Israeli officials confirmed Saturday's attack. YNet News said an unnamed "senior" Israeli source corroborated the second one. He claimed missiles intended for Hezbollah were targeted.

Previous articles suggested otherwise. Assad needs all the weapons he can get. If reports were accurate, evidence would have corroborated them. None was forthcoming.

Video footage showed multiple explosions. Huge fires followed. Obama ignored Israel's naked aggression. He claimed it's entitled to defend itself against enemies, saying:

"The Israelis, justifiably, have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah."

He shares responsibility for what happened. These type incidents are jointly planned. Both nations partner in imperial crimes. Doing so is longstanding.

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague also supports Israel's naked aggression. He called it self-defense. He said it's justification for "lifting the arms embargo" against Syrian insurgents. He wants them getting more weapons than already supplied.

Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al Mekdad correctly called Israeli aggression "a declaration of war." He added that Syria will decide when and how to respond.

Lebanon's Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour condemned "the Israeli aggression and the silence of the international community. It's time for the Arab League to take a clear stand in light of the repeated Israeli aggression against Arab countries."

On April 30, Syrian expert Patrick Seale headlined "How Israel Manipulates US Policy in the Middle East."

It's doing what it did many times before. It's "inciting the United States to attack Syria."

"By accusing Syria of using chemical weapons, Israel's goal seems to have been to trigger an early American armed intervention with the double objective of ousting Bashar from office, while preventing his replacement by the redoubtable Jabhat al-Nusra."

Israel wants Washington "to destroy both the Syrian regime and its Hizbollah ally," Seale added. Iran comes next.

"Israel wants no limits on the extraordinary freedom it has long enjoyed to attack its neighbours at will and never be hit back. From Israel's point of view, if America could be persuaded to do the job for it, so much the better."

On May 5, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi condemned Israel's "evil acts." They occurred after a "US green light." Fars News quoted him saying:

"The inhuman acts and adventurism of the Zionist regime in the region will strengthen the waves of anti-Zionism in the region and will shorten the life of this fake regime."

"Such desperate moves are not a sign of power and might but they show the regime's desperateness and confusion in dealing with the regional developments."

Mossad-connected DEBKAfile claimed Israel attacked "to prevent the transfer of Iran-supplied Scud D and Fateh-110 missiles to Hizbollah units fighting in Syria…."

It cited unnamed Arab sources saying "Israeli rockets also hit two 4th Division Republican Guard battalions."

"There were also claims that rockets were fired on or close to Mount Qassioun, one of Bashar Assad's presidential palaces and the site of command posts and arsenals overlooking the capital."

"The BBC's Arab sources add that Hizballah forces stationed in Damascus were also targeted."

Earlier, Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah denied sending fighters to Syria. He said party members may be acting individually.

He added that around 30,000 Shitte Lebanese inhabit 22 Syrian villages. Volunteers defend them against terrorist attacks.
 On May 4, Hezbollah official Ibrahim Amin Sayyed said:

"Hezbollah is ready to prevent Syria falling under the control of Tel Aviv and Washington."

"This is a strategy and not an intervention in the Syria crisis. It is an intervention in the conflict against America and Israel."

He added that Hezbollah's involvement in Syria is "political and strategic." It's to "support the people in their demands to reach a situation that preserves their dignity and freedom and ensures their participation in political life."

Days earlier, Nasrallah said his fighters were defending Lebanese citizens in Syrian border villages. He suggested that Iran, Russia, and unidentified "resistance groups" would act to prevent Assad's ouster.

Longstanding US/Israeli policy prioritizes regional destabilization and conflict. At issue is replacing independent governments in Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah in Lebanon with pro-Western puppets.

Doing so would achieve joint Washington/Israeli control. Iraqi and Libyan puppet regimes were installed. Replicating them in Syria, Iran, and Lebanon is planned.

Syria's being ravaged to do it. Iran and Lebanon may follow. Countless more lives may be lost. America and Israel don't do body counts. Their pockmarked histories claimed millions.

Many more die daily. Survivors endure appalling misery. It's hard imagining how much worse things can get. Expect it. It's planned. It's coming. Unchallenged dominance alone matters. Human suffering is a small price to pay.

Israel's attacks were lawless. They're clear provocations. They appear designed to get Syria to retaliate. Doing so would give Washington-led NATO pretext to intervene. Pentagon plans were prepared long ago.

A previous article said hindsight may show Israel's attacks preceded full-scale intervention. It may happen if Syria doesn't retaliate.

Proxy Western fighters are no match against Assad's military superiority. Nor were anti-Gaddafi insurgents in Libya.

Air power turned the tide. Expect similar tactics ahead against Syria. They'll begin as soon as Obama signs off. It could happen any time.

Israel's very much involved. It's a NATO partner country. It's a Mediterranean Dialogue member. It's practically a full-fledged one. It's covertly and overtly involved.

It's part of Washington's regional strategy. It's own prioritizes eliminating all regional rivals.

Both countries wage war on humanity. Syrians are in the crosshairs of their ruthlessness. Hundreds of thousands more may die before conflict ends.

Another country is being systematically ravaged and destroyed. It won't be the last one. Obama, Netanyahu, and rogue NATO partners have lots more death and destruction in mind. Rogue states operate that way.

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