Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Solidarity with the Syrian people

SyriaIt is a fact that “dictators bring invaders.“ Invaders never brought freedom to people, and this is another fact that we shouldn’t forget. But what we should say at this very crucial moment of our lives and the life of our revolution is that the dictators are not the only ones who brought invaders, but that they contributed to that a group of politicians and revolution-traders who sold our blood — once to Qatar and once to Saudi and once to organizations that I don’t know their nature — without the slightest sense of shame.

Imagine Samir Nashar and Zuheir Salem representing this great revolution — how strange! Do you want to know my position? I am against the US military intervention and I have my reasons, I , the son of this revolution, whether you like it or not. In a situation like ours, blood-traders and the Coalition should all admit that they are partners with the dictators, and they are just a copy of them and not a copy nor representative of the honesty of our revolution. I will say no more…” Syrian Novelist Khaled al-Khalifa on a Possible US Strike.

Meanwhile fears grow over the current situation in Syria  and the possibility of another Imperialist war in the Middle East, among the progressives and left-wing forces around the world, the ad hoc situation of Iran puts the Iranian leftist forces in a distinctive situation.  At the same time dozens of analyses correctly mention Iran, not Syria, is the West's real target. On the other side, we are seeing the strivings of Syrian and Persian versions of Chalabi in the mainstream media. The ‘other man’ from McCain’s Syria, though guess who is the host? The "liberal" Chris Hayes. A friend of mine who was waiting to see the great Jeremy Scahill on the show that day become disappointed, and I wrote her that she should not forget that the "liberals" always need this kind of "balance", thus we have a specific dosage of Jeremy one day and Mouaz Moustafa and that ilk the other day. At the same time when many people are fed up with the British propaganda corporation and the rest of the mainstream media wagging its finger at the majority of people in that country and telling them they are making a terrible mistake in not bombing Syria, aforementioned Syrian "activist" was also on the BBC Persian as well. That figures.

Moreover, when I received an e-mail from a friend of mine, a long-standing Iranian anti-capitalist campaigner and a human rights advocate in exile,  on military intervention in Syria with the subject: “the shameful position of HRW“ it reminded me of George Soros’s $100 million “gift” to Human Rights Watch . So comparing HRW’s position with CCR’s principal position and Michael Ratner’s diligence in defence of Chelsea Manning  or the Guantanamo Bay detainees among other cases, the real notion of human rights in the age of market get more concrete. One can then distinguish  the contrasts of current “human rights” discourse with the real notion of human rights in today’s world. Though, the hijacking of human rights is the gist, especially when it comes to the recondite situation of countries such as Syria or Iran. Once again the gist is about human rights groups against human rights. It is about the running of many of these organizations by the forces that are the symbol of humanitarian imperialism, as expressed by Jean Bricmont, using human rights to sell war.  A couple of days ago, I wrote on the 25th anniversary of the 1988 massacre in Iran and betraying Khavaran by the pro-“international community” forces including the contrite Iranian leftists. Now, predictably, I am witnessing their acquiescence to the ongoing process in Syria as in Iraq and Libya, this time with their suave “democrat” president and not the awkward W Bush.

Thus it is very likely that within a matter of days Obama’s “democrat” and his French “social-democrat” warmonger ally  will rain missiles and bombs down upon Syria. As Bassam Haddad stipulated, we need to recognize the fact this is no longer about the Syrian regime and whatever atrocities it may have committed and whatever atrocities the rebels may have committed. This is about invading a sovereign country. Sadly one needs to admit that the unmitigated chaos among the left forces in the Middle East, particularly when it comes to Iran because of the nature of the Islamic Republic, emanates from ideological reasons. It seems they do not even feel the need to read something beyond the guidelines of the so-called international community, which regrettably does not exist in its real sense anymore. Hence, I doubt if the eloquent and enlightened  words of Vijay Prashad’s  Letter to a Syrian Friend Who Said: ‘Your Opposition to the US Attack on Syria Means You Support the Asad Regime’ can help  people who do not want to open their eyes but rather go with the mainstream waves. Although Pepe Escobar wants to find a way, as many of us do, to leash the snarling bulldogs. It seems the stars around the “democrat” president this time range from “war hero” Kerry and “socialist” Hollande  to warmongers, such as Samantha Power and Susan Rice, and former aide to Hillary Clinton and PEN executive director Suzanne Nossel. The story of Persian speakers in this business  is another part of this hazardous saga, which I wrote about a couple of months ago. Though opening of another “democracy” in the Middle East with "Bandar ibn Israel" money this time.

In short, let us take a look at the anti-war statement below, which is issued by a number of Iranian left activists, labour activists, journalists, academics etc within Iran and in the diaspora in solidarity with people struggle against neolibral dictatorship in Syria and against imperialist intervention of any kind. The full statement, a copy of which has been provided to MWC News; is as followings:

 Concerning the likely attack of the U.S to Syria:

“Statement by a group of Iranian writers and left political activists on the situation in Syria”

“Finally, after thirty one months of war and conflicts between the opposition forces and the supporters of Bashar Asad’s regime, which together with the interventions of other countries marked one of the bloodiest pages of the Middle-East history; what was feared of is about to happen. The United States’ announcement on military attack to Syria, after two years of bloody conflicts between the two parties and the weakening of the people and the opposition groups; is the completion of a scenario which the west had planned from the start.

The government of the United States and its supporters, with their excuse that there are no peaceful options to end the conflicts – such as Bashar Asad and the Baath party giving up the power – announced that military intervention is the only option left. This is while the goal of this attack, also as announced; is not even the removal of Asad’s government but only to give him and the Islamic Republic of Iran a lesson. 

On one hand “Syria’s National Council Unison“ and the opposition parties side by side “the – Liberation Army” with the aids of the United States and its western supporters; have gone into the streets armed with weapons. On the other, the Baath Party and Syria’s army supported by Iran’s Ghods Militia, Lebanon’s Hezbolah and “Shabihe” back army have poured fire on the innocent and unarmed people. 

There is no doubt that without the supports and the direct interventions of the west, as well as those of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia; this war and the resulted conflicts could not have lasted for so long, and more than a hundred and thirty thousand civilians would not have been killed. 

The existing situation in Syria worsened when Al-Ghaedeh, Vahabioun, the Selfies and Al-Nosrat united with the opposition forces backed by the West, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The start of the killings of the unarmed generations of Kurd, Ashouri, Nosairi (Alavi) and Torkman by these reactionary elements, forced some of the parties united with “Syria’s Nantional Council” to leave this Council and unite with Asad’s loyalists.

The policies and interventions of the west caused the peoples’ forces such as “the National Committee for democratic change” (a coalition consisted of thirteen left parties) to lose their initiative, and therefore the mass struggle against Bashar Asad’s regime to turn into an arena for the attacks of the anti-revolutionary forces. This situation opens the way for a totalitarian and anti-humanitarian regime scenario, as seen earlier in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Now the use of chemical weapons by Bashar Asad’s regime; is an excuse for the armed presence of the United States and its supporters in Syria even before the vote of the Security Council. 

The main stream Medias have played an important role in showing an upside down picture of what has been actually happening in Syria. They have for instance; magnified Syria’s National Council as the only anti-government group, and they have therefore caused the left opposition parties in “the National Committee Unison” to be ignored. They have also portrayed any opposition with the western intervention and the so called humanitarian interventions of the United States in Syria; as an act of co-operation with Asad’s regime. These Medias have portrayed the issue of Syria as a civilian war, which leaves no option for an end to it but the intervention of the United States and its supporters. They have beaten on the war drums from the start!

The people of Syria and their children are killed every day, the Christians, Muslims and Kurds are massacred, and the Human Rights organization is only working to prove the need for the western armed interventions. The model which has been portrayed before this so-called humanitarian intervention, is Iraq the country which after a decade of the United States, Britain and NATO’s presence is witnessing the massacred of the innocent people, growth of insecurity, destruction of the economic structure, growth of Islamic terrorism, the continuation of massacred of Iraqi Christians, vagrancy of the people, the destruction of the urban and rural structures, racial wars and the lack of constancy. 

The face of Iraq is still bloody and this is the version presented by the west announcing that the armed intervention was the only option remaining to free the people of Iraq from the dictatorships of Saddam and his Baath Party. The western Media then also had a vital role in the creation of the scenario, through supporting the United States policies and portraying an upside-down view of the truth about the situation in Iraq. 

We the Iranian writers and left political activists, in support of the people of Syria and in line with their revolution:

  • Strongly condemn the inhumane policies of the Bashar Asad’s regime and the Baath party, and the killings of the defenseless people in Syria. 
  • Strongly condemn the supporting acts of the Islamic dictatorial Regime of Iran of Bashar Asad’s regime in Syria.
  • Strongly condemn the massacres of the Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians and Alavies of Syria by the Extremists Islamists of Al-Ghaedeh, Selfies, Vahabioun and Al-Nosrat. 
  • Strongly condemn the initiation of war, and any sort of armed presence and intervention of the United States of America and its NATO supporters in Syria.

We the Iranian writers and left political activists; believe that the only solution to the current critical situation in Syria and putting an end to this human disaster, is to wholly defend and support a legitimate opposition group defending the rights of the Syrian people. Such opposition, under any name; must clearly separate its position from the Islamist forces on one hand, and the interventionist governments on the other. It should also recognize the rights of the minority religions and races, and commit to choose the best solution for the benefits of the Syrian people. 

This is the only solution to end the massacres of the people and achieving constancy in Syria, as well as ending the dictatorship of the Baath Party, preventing another human disaster in the region; and therefore to help the peoples’ revolution in Syria.”

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