Saturday, December 16, 2017
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The new Smartphone Holocaust Game

Smartphone Holocaust GameJTA Reports: ‘Jewish game developer to market Holocaust game for smartphones’

British game developer Luc Bernard, 26, announced this week his plan to search for funding for his new Holocaust game.

The Holocaust-themed game was apparently rejected by the anti-Semitic Nintendo because it was deemed ‘unfit for children.’ It made me wonder, since when do Goyim decide how to raise or educate their children?

Unlike unimaginative Nintendo, Bernard knows about education. First, he is young and childish, second, his mother is “Jewish and her mother looked after orphaned Jewish children after World War II.”

The game features the character of a young boy named Hammed who lives in Gaza 2013. Hammed seeks to escape the reality of Israeli blockade and introduces us to his fantasy world. Don’t worry, I am just pulling your leg here.

Bernard’s new game actually features the character of a young Jewish boy named Samuel during the Nazi occupation of France in 1942. Like all Palestinian kids in the present, fictional Samuel seeks to escape real life into his own fantasy world.

Being myself a Holocaust survivor who, against all odds endured intensive Israeli Shoa education but still believes in kindness and humanism, I hereby commit myself to placing whatever artistic talent I may have at the disposal of Luc Bernard and his innovative Shoa game.

Hey, I could compose some mournful Klezmer music on my misery stick (AKA my Clarinet) and being an ex-Israeli copywriter specialising in branding, I might also offer some catchy names with Jew-appeal.

Some samples (no charge)

iSuffer, iVey, iTler, iZon, iDie, iNnocent, iVictim and iMoral

Or we could try some more conventional names. How about:

‘The Holocaust Game’


‘Sir. Vive’

‘Angry Victims’

‘Nazi Crush’

‘Hoy Station’

These are just a few ideas, if you have any to offer, add them below.

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