Monday, April 23, 2018
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Raucous Laughter From the Grave of Orwell

George Orwell

Today my thoughts passed over the grave of Orwell and methought I heard raucous laughter. Let’s hope it signifies the man is somewhere remote and detached and able to laugh now at us sheep scrambling mindlessly to the fate we so richly deserve. Liking to think I’m not a sheep, I nevertheless am caught up in this crowd-drift to a fate that seems to be inescapable for us all. Yet there will come a time when I have to ‘fess up’ and admit that I haven’t done enough. Will you?

But today the war with Eastasia is ended ‘Oh celebration!”. 
Another wonderful war is over.

Our re-found ally will join us in the war with our former allies, those dreadful beheading, sadistic, torturing, murderous fanatics of ISIS, or sorry … what was that? ISIL? Is that Al-Qaida re-branded? But anyway, our Ministry of Truth will now set to work erasing all the terrible things said about our allies in the days when they were our enemies. Mind you, this is not just because our former enemy is the enemy of our new enemy, who were formerly our friends because they were the enemies of our new ally at that time. This is quite obviously because we must exercise compassion and do our best to save those poor Palestinians trapped on that mountain, or sorry... what was it? Oh yes, those poor Yazidi people trapped in Gaza?

This has been a very difficult decision, but what it comes down to is this. We will need their permission to invade their airspace. No point just imposing a ‘no fly zone’, as we haven’t yet issued the Islamic Caliphate their air force, the public just isn’t ready to accept that yet, so for reasons that should be obvious, just a waste of time.

Also, there’s another difficult consideration. Iraq had been going very nicely, a sick and broken society with a puppet democratic government stitched up with a constitution and treaties that would have kept their hands off the oil forever – perfect! But the Shias got too cocky and the Sunnis saw an opportunity and now it’s all fallen to bits and in a sorry state, so we must act and we must act now! It’s essential to preserve the security and dignity of the Iraqi people.

On the one hand, we acknowledge, an Islamic Caliphate would be ideal; a flat society, everybody in their place and knowing it, downtrodden, intimidated under Shia Law and ‘loving it’, with just a handful of Mullahs to be paid for the oil. With no health, education, water or sewage systems to waste a fortune on they invest it straight back into our arms industry, the mainstay of our economy. Perfect! What more could we ask? In fact, spun right, it could even curry-up some of the Muslim vote at home.

However, they’ve frightened the Saudis and the Saudis are our staunch ally in the middle-east – another publicly beheading, hand-chopping, Shia Law dictatorship in need of thousands of aircraft and tanks, willing to cooperate in off-shore torture, clandestine operations with Israel and mock-support for the Arabs of Palestine. We need them and we need their oil, no question! So we will support them all the way.

Now I know that many (or at least a few) have noted of late that these new-found enemies of ours, this ISIC, are getting around in tanks and APCs and whatnot, all supplied by us, and it has been mentioned that we were very keen to supply them even more. But that was yesterday, the situation on the ground has changed. So I ask you truly, to consider this for a moment, ‘What would you do in our position?’

The fact is you need the oil!

Stitched up with this robustly inefficient and expensive public transport system, hocked off to private capital for a song, costing us a fortune just in profit supplements and a network of car-parks interconnecting our major cities with no choice but to join in the congestion even when there is a charge… You need the oil!

It’s good for the economy, it’s good for capitalism and it’s good for big-oil, so it’s good for you.

What choice do we have but to assist “our American partners”?
We need the oil and they know how to get it! It’s as simple as that!
It is the fact! You would do the same in our position, I kid you not.

Blah blah bla-blah blah blaaaah…

OK, so I read 1984 in 1968. I was warned!
I should have been more vigilant.
But you see, I was just a kid, I thought other people older, wiser, cleverer, better educated, wealthier and more powerful than me would have read it too.
Surely, I thought, they wouldn’t let this happen?

OK so I deserve my fate. I was naïve and stupid.
But still, I protest! I’m not a sheep!
“I am not an animal, I am a human being!”
OK, stop laughing, George.
It really is NOT funny.

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