Monday, June 25, 2018
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United Against Galloway

George Galloway

The BBC is under attack yet again by some Jewish ‘community leaders’ and their caretakers within British politics. This time the British broadcast dared to invite a British MP to participate in the primetime TV show, Question Time.

The Ultra Zionist Jewish Chronicle reports today: “The BBC has been attacked for its decision to invite anti-Israel MP George Galloway to appear on a Question Time panel in Finchley, north-west London.”

Apparently, Mr. Galloway, renown for his sharp criticism of Israel, will be part of the program filmed in the parliamentary constituency with the country’s largest Jewish population next week.

In typical shameless Israeli stooge behaviour, Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer said the BBC’s invitation to the respected MP was “deliberately provocative,” as if intellectual or political provocation were necessarily a bad thing.

Someone should remind MP Freer that Britain is still a free country and though his district is populated by many Jews, it isn’t yet a Zionist Occupied Zone. We still do not need to obtain an Israeli pass to drive along Golders Green High Road.

Unlike MP Freer, I am convinced that encountering MP Galloway and learning first hand the basis of his argument against Israel and in support of Palestine could, actually, be a very positive engagement as far as North West London Jews are concerned. Unless MP Freer believes that his constituency would be better off sealed in a Jewish ghetto.

The JC was kind enough to list MP Galloway’s prime ‘offences’ against British Jews:

1. “Two years ago he (Galloway) walked out of a debate at Oxford University after discovering his opponent was Israeli, saying ‘I don’t debate with Israelis.’

2. Earlier this month Mr. Galloway interviewed ‘Israeli anti-Semite’ Gilad Atzmon on his Russia Today television show.”

I suspect that any thinking person will note the clear contradiction between 1 and 2 - if Galloway doesn’t debate with Israelis, why would he invite an ‘Israeli’ to his TV program? I hope someone in the Jewish Chronicle is clever enough to notice how ridiculous and laughable the label “Israeli anti-Semite” appears to most people (including Jews).

Maybe describing yours truly as a ‘Hebrew Speaking Palestinian,’ ‘Ex Israeli’ or just an ‘Ex Jew’ might help the clarity of their reasoning in the future.


George Galloway Made It Again

Jewish anger as George Galloway gets BBC invitation to appear on this week's Question Time. Programme will come from Finchley, home to large Jewish community

Mike Freer, the Conservative MP for Finchley and Golders Green, said the invitation was ‘deliberately provocative’.  He added: ‘The BBC can’t have done it by accident.  The shameless  MP,  makes it sounds as if the BBC should ask the Chief Rabbi for a green light before it sets its program.

‘Given what’s going on in the world it is a slap in the face for the local community. It lacks sensitivity,’ MP Freer said, and I wonder, what is happening in the world  that should prevent MP Galloway from appearing in a Jewish neighborhood? Furthermore. how inviting a pro-Palestinian MP is a 'slap in the face' to anyone? Quite the opposite, it is  actually a golden  opportunity for London Jews to learnabout the opposition to their beloved Jewish State.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews also attacked the decision to invite Mr Galloway – but said they were not "calling on the BBC to retract the invitation." This is indeed a great positive news. Apparently Goyim can still drive through North West  London without applying for an Israeli pass.

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