Thursday, May 24, 2018
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VW and the Emissions Truthers


I have long argued that the 9/11 Truthers have won based on the contention that the science is irrefutable and I have drawn the analogy with how even the mighty Roman Catholic Church was ultimately defeated in its fight with Galileo Galilei due to the gravity of his scientifically well-founded arguments. In the end it was all about denial – sheer denial of the facts and reality.

The Emissions Truthers Won

It seems that “emissions activists” have long argued that emissions standards and testing outcomes were at odds with observed reality; denial, as is often the case, prevailed for a long time due to the lack of evidence. But let us imagine for a moment that the ‘Emissions Truthers’ had presented evidence of the presence of a ‘defeating algorithm’ in the vehicle software. Would not the Emissions Truth skeptics have prevailed regardless with the counter-argument that there would be no possible way this secret could be kept? So many people involved! Programmers, Technicians, Production Supervisors, Software Testers, Senior Managers – a virtual army of people would have to be ‘in on the game’ – someone surely would have blown the whistle.

What is spectacularly conspicuous here, and should be noted carefully by 9/11-Truth Skeptics, is the brazen audacity with which Volkswagen have perpetrated a deliberate Criminal Fraud so potentially detectable, so persistently leaving a trail of evidence so utterly impossible to erase if ever detected that it’s hard to believe that they really believed they could get away with it indefinitely.

It was a fraud of monumental scale affecting Millions of cars, spanning several legal systems and having predictably incalculable ramifications if ever exposed. It so diminishes the word ‘audacious’ that it speaks to the mental attitude of the people involved, an attitude that cannot stand as a lone, free-standing 300 foot Mountain Ash but one that requires the context of a supporting ecology of like minds into which it integrates seamlessly and which can sustain it.

But of course, as we all know, sooner or later the truth must prevail and no less inevitably than the weight of Galileo’s science overwhelmed Catholic Dogma, the truth about the ‘defeat algorithm’ is now out and the Denial Fantasy of clean fuel for billions of cars is once again in trouble.

The CEO of Volkswagen has taken responsibility and resigned in disgrace - to ‘restore credibility to the company’ - yet continues to deny all knowledge, reminding us of Rupert Murdoch and Rebecca Brooks who also seem to have been happy to manage their companies in complete ignorance of the most important activities, not to mention those of most critical legal significance, by which their business operates.

Capitalism and Denial

Denial has become critical and fundamental to Capitalism at all levels and in all quarters. It was almost 40 years ago, in the midst of a Biological Sciences degree undertaken in the late 1970s that I first became convinced of the truth of Global Warming. Even then, the many causes of it were obvious and obviously man-made; the rampant destruction of forests, the degradation of the oceans and diminishing Oceanic Plankton, the burning of fossil fuels both in power stations and in billions of motor vehicles. It was madness back then and it’s a thousand-fold worse today with China producing a million cars a week! Yet it’s only in the past month that I’ve heard significant official acknowledgement that Global Warming is a reality.

Denial always fails – Truth prevails.

The desperation of Capitalism is evident not only in the (Criminal) lengths it has gone to in order to sustain the illusion of clean emissions in the public mind amid the prevailing reality that it’s not commercially practical, physically possible or economically viable, nor only in the scale of enduring denial of human impact on the biosphere amid the prevailing reality of Global Warming. It’s also highly conspicuous in the absurd lengths that its champions have gone to in order to sustain the illusion of a ‘Global War on Terror’ that is so utterly absurd yet essential to maintaining its primary engine – the war machine – the military-industrial complex. 

But the ‘War of Terror’ extrapolates back to a single point of origin. Conjuring an illusion fearful enough to replace the cold war and requiring a catalysing event, a ‘New Pearl Harbour’, a Criminal Fraud so audacious, so monumental in scale and having such predictably incalculable ramifications that it’s hard to imagine how its perpetrators imagined they could get away with it – indefinitely – much less keep the truth of it a secret.

The Paradox of Denial

Capitalism is so physically and psychologically entrenched that people are fearful of the implications of its collapse and so denial is essential and easily embraced. Revolution or the overthrow of Capitalism is not an option. Paradoxically, if the system is not reformed, if the intellectual substance of humanity doesn’t come to its senses and come to the fore, if the legal system fails to address the War Crimes issues of Blair, Bush and their cohorts, if the crimes of 9/11 are not investigated and the realities intelligently addressed, then we can never begin to find a rational way to access and share resources without war and use them efficiently in more intelligent, more socially acceptable ways of being, ways that are not wholly driven by the needs of an anti-social, anti-life economic system, then Collapse and Revolution are inevitable. We have very little time.

Denial ALWAYS fails – Truth Prevails.
9/11 Truth has won.
That victory will be acknowledged sooner or later. If not sooner, then the victory may be pyrrhic, but 9/11 Truth has won – inevitably.

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