Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Rogue Saudi Allies Cut Diplomatic Ties with Iran

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

Saudi Arabia used the pretext of justifiably angry Iranians storming its Tehran embassy over the extrajudicial execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr to cut diplomatic ties with Tehran irresponsibly.

The action sounds like a premeditated plot against the Islamic Republic - perhaps hatched in Washington and/or Israel, maybe Riyadh aiming to distract attention from its state-sponsored terrorism, supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, along with other regional destabilizing activities - complicit with US-led NATO states and regional rogue partners.

Decades of US-led hostile relations toward Iran continue - the scheme now joined by Bahrain and Sudan along with the UAE downgrading relations.

Will other regional rogue states follow - regimes run by tinpot despots, operating ruthlessly like Riyadh, partnering with Washington’s imperial agenda, waging war on their own people?

Bahrain, Sudan and the UAE coordinated their actions, choosing greater regional destabilization over efforts to resolve things diplomatically - gaining nothing by antagonizing the Islamic Republic.

Oman’s ambassador to Tehran, Saud bin Ahmad al-Barzani, criticized Riyadh’s action, diplomatically calling it “an unwise action conducted through an incorrect method,” adding:

“I believe Saudi Arabia, through its recent measure, is after pressuring Iran and overshadowing (last year’s)  nuclear agreement.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari blasted Riyadh, saying as long as its “policies are based on stirring tensions…we will use all our possibilities in relations with the regional states to block” its destabilizing agenda.

Following Sheikh’s Nimr’s execution, hundreds of Saudis protested publicly - calling for the regime’s ouster, chanting “Down with Al Saud.” Police reacted violently as expected, beating demonstrators, using live fire, making numerous arrests.

Despotic regimes tolerate no opposition or criticism. Saudi ruthlessness risks open rebellion.

Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Deputy Commander General Rasoul Sanayee Raad called Riyadh’s action a bluff, projecting its own high crimes on others, saying its action (joined by rogue partners) will accomplish nothing but help expose their regional destabilization aims.

Russia indicated its willingness to invite top Saudi and Iranian diplomats to Moscow to help resolve things diplomatically, saying it supports “mutual understanding between Shiites and Sunnis and unity in the Muslim world.”

An unnamed Foreign Ministry source said Moscow “express(es) sincere regrets over the escalation of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.”

“Russia has always been in favor of dialogue and constructive contacts. Therefore, if partners in Riyadh and Tehran are interested in our role, we are ready to give mediator services to restore mutual understanding on all issues.”

“We are ready to invite the Saudi and Iranian foreign ministers to Moscow. If our partners in Iran and Saudi Arabia are ready and willing (to come), our initiative remains in force.”

Russia’s best efforts aren’t likely to fare better than years of failed diplomacy in trying to resolve Syria’s conflict.

US-led Western obstruction prevents it, allied with regional rogue states - the same scheme now targeting Tehran.

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