Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Well-Documented Close Turkish/ISIS Ties


Western media scoundrels suppress information on America’s responsibility for creating ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups, using them to further its imperial agenda, involving endless wars of aggression.

Turkey is criminally complicit, Erdogan allied with Washington’s imperial project, giving safe haven status to ISIS and other terrorists on its territory, arming them, letting them pass freely cross-border into Syria and Iraq.

One rogue state supports another, both responsible for high crimes against peace.

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov minced no words, saying clear intelligence-gotten evidence shows ISIS terrorists maintain constant contacts with Turkish officials, planning new tactics in waging war on Syria.

Russian airstrikes severely disrupted “traditional smuggling routes,” he explained. Moscow’s control of Syrian airspace prevents Ankara’s earlier aim to establish a no-fly zone.

It maintains the objective of wanting a safe zone created on Syrian territory, aiming to annex it on the phony pretext of having it “ISIS-free,” a thinly veiled scheme fooling no one.

Any attempt to follow-through on its plan “would be a violation of international law and also escalate tensions substantially and fundamentally,” Lavrov stressed.

It’s illegally constructing tent camps and “engineering structures” around 200 meters inside Syrian territory, a deliberate provocation, pursued with US permission or complicity.

Lavrov doesn’t envision anything more than “small provocations,” perhaps intended to goad Russia and/or Syria to respond militarily, risking escalated conflict.

He doesn’t rule out the possibility of regional Gulf States deploying troops to Syria, saying:

If peace talks “bring no fruit or are not allowed to begin, then it is possible that some countries, directed by personal hatred toward Assad, would go for a head-on solution by force,” allying with US-dominated NATO aggression.

“The Turks say openly that Russian air power “bl(ew) their plans (for Syria) wide open…”

Lavrov is a consummate diplomat, working tirelessly, trying to restore peace and stability to a troubled region - maintaining optimism, despite knowing Washington plans endless wars to achieve its imperial objectives.

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