Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Open Letter to Qantas

Allen L. Jasson

Dear Qantas,

You’ve all probably forgotten, over there at Qantas, about denying me my flight back to London in 2007, just because I was wearing a T-Shirt you and your masters didn’t like, but I certainly haven’t.

At the time I was incensed, I thought it outrageous that Australia’s emblem airline that boasts the epithet of ‘Spirit of Australia’ should refuse me travel, denying me my rights, treating me like a criminal, misrepresenting and maligning me as someone who went out of his way to offend and cheating me out of the money I had paid for the flight; all in obsequious deference to an American President. It was disgusting.

Undemocratic, unprincipled, should be illegal and certainly unAustralian – definitely not the ‘Spirit of Australia’ – at least, not as I knew it when I used to be proud to call Australia home.

But time moves on.

Now I know I should have just gotten over it and got on with things, but that was too difficult at the time, I was too outraged, offended and personally injured by it all. More to the point, that idiot friend of yours (the other one) was busily wrecking the world, ruining countries, ruining lives, ruining economies and setting up all his criminal mates to harvest the spoils at great cost to the rest of us.

On the other hand, if I had done that, just forget it and move on, I wouldn’t be having the last laugh now, would I? I’m quite sure none of you will have given up your sycophantic grovelling to US Power, it’s written all over your Politics – and your economy.

So I’m quite certain you’re not going to like my latest T-Shirt. This is me here, having the last laugh; this time, at your expense.

Allen L. Jasson

But don’t worry, I won’t be wearing it on any Qantas flights to Australia.

Yours Sincerely,
Allen L. Jasson

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