Friday, December 15, 2017
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BrExit RuIn Best for Europe


One thing that 40 years of political consciousness has taught me is that the history we are persuaded to believe is, at the very least, a gross distortion of the truth. Still worse if we read the most promoted historians in search of our own truth we soon find cloying reminders of the brazenly dishonest reinterpretation of contemporary events.

Then as now, the domination of public communications served the interests of the 1%; the blindly self-absorbed beneficiaries of a shockingly unfair economic order constructed in the interests of those who aspire to the day when they can control everything we see and hear about our world and with it everything we do.

Unification of the diverse civilisations of Europe has been sought for centuries and if it could be achieved harmoniously it would be a great leap forward for humanity. Today, with the looming disaster of an encroaching, rapacious, pernicious, American Empire it is absolutely essential. But in the early decades of the 21st Century, as in the early decades of the 19th Century, when Wellington lead the vanguard, Britain is a spoiler in the process.

Whether the Rothschild Legend is true or false there can be no doubt that the Rothschilds, as is always the case with capitalists who know how to profit from war, made a grandiose fortune out of Waterloo. Their influence contributes substantially to our economic, environmental and social woes today, borne of a lust for a New World Order that would enslave humanity in a technologically managed Feudal Society.

The presence of Britain in the EU reminds me of how I felt about British Airways buying its way into the Qantas Boardroom after the 1993 privatisation and is something akin to Willy Brandt's having Günter Guillaume as personal assistant. It’s just nice to know what the competition is up to, or perhaps even exert some influence.

With or without the influence of Britain, Europe seems to be able to create enough of its own problems, particularly with a mentality that fails to appreciate that Europe’s greatest asset is its cultural diversity. Nevertheless, Britain and NATO, both of which are conduits for American influence, are the major impediments to a united Europe, no less than is a pervasive, US-owned or obsessively pro-US and propagandist media.

A British Exit would be the very best thing that could ever happen to the European Union and all of the forces on both sides of the IN-OUT pantomime and charade know it, as do both sides of the English channel – but it has to look convincingly like ‘Democracy at work’ – the conclusion nevertheless, foregone.

A British Exit would be soon followed by a very necessary, eminently practical and highly beneficial Russia IN. Russia is a far more natural and European part of Europe than is the UK and most of Europe realises it. With Russia at the table of the European Union the reality of NATO would be self-evident and its demise would naturally follow, as would the US occupation of Europe. The end of NATO and the US occupation would bring also an end to the suzerain-vassal status of Europe and perhaps with it an end to the monitoring of private phone-calls of European leaders.

What would be an especially nice outcome of a BrExit would be the complete RuIn of the ambitions of this grotesque American Empire, wrecking lives and nations, as it does, reducing the world to the level of its own stone-age sociopathy.

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