Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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How the hell did this happen?


I wish that the Clinton I saw in her concession speech was the Clinton we had seen in the campaign. I saw a smart woman with compassion, intelligence and vision who let herself be guided by the so-called 1%. If there is a Clinton conspiracy, this is it.

As a result of this co-option, which includes support for brutal and futile military action and a lax and complacent attitude toward financial theft, no one could muster much enthusiasm for her and we ended up with a lunatic.

We have somehow allowed issues to be owned and then disparaged as the province of 'interest groups.’ For instance, abortion is not just about women's rights. The 17 year old girl who has a baby may also involve a 17 year old boy with child support obligations. Their situations are not the same, but by defining abortion as a ‘women’s issue’ we narrow our base of support. Perhaps this explains part of the pro-life movement’s success.

Equal rights are by definition an issue that effects everyone. Those who lack basic necessities, nutrition, safety, healthcare, education, etc. require society’s resources whatever the cause of the lack. That means that gays, Muslims, Latinos, Blacks, and others often need help not because of their ‘group’ but because of their need. The irony of poor white people in Appalachia voting for Trump....

The point is, if people are poor and we can't provide adequate health care and education then the problem is societal, the fact that some groups are more effected than others does not define the problem. 

It may well be important to address the underlying causes of economic and social disparities among different groups, but that is not a sound bite issue and seems beyond the reach of what can reasonably be expected in our current state. 

The media is largely owned by the so-called 1% and they have effectively controlled our perceptions of issues. 

For instance, what if Clinton had taken the e mail issue and said - this is the problem, older people like me, and people without access to a good education, don't understand technology. Most decent jobs now require a better understanding of technology. Let's commit to learn. 

Remember when Dukakis was smeared as a wimp for not having a stronger negative emotional reaction to a debate question on capital punishment relating to the theoretical rape of his wife? He exhibited strength not weakness: he proved he would not be derailed by vile and personal hypotheticals while negotiating our country’s interests. The media controlled the issue.

I hope that in response to Mr. Trump’s victory and his reign, we will learn to counter the media’s take on the issues, not by debating on their terms but by framing the debate for ourselves. 

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