Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Of Russian Hackers and Other Improbabilities


What if the CIA is telling the truth for a change? If so, I personally think Putin deserves the Medal of Freedom for his exposing the dirty dealings of the DNC.

Remember the Chairman and five other top staffers were forced to resign as a result of the nefarious acts committed that were revealed in these emails. By harping on the Red Menace all the Democrats are doing is keeping the evidence of their wrongdoing front and center. Let's not get distracted from that.

The Democrats are playing a dangerous game here. They are attempting to stoke the fires of a popular support for a nuclear confrontation with Russia that surely was on the agenda had Hillary been elected. I hope we at least dodged that bullet.

I am surprised at the lack of push back on this obviously fictitious story in the main stream press and even among many of the Left and Progressive publications and blogs. It’s like "Well it must be true. The CIA told me so."

Why is everybody so enthusiastic to believe an agency (CIA) that has the highest record of lies and misinformation in the history of the planet? There is no solid evidence of Russian hacking. 

Julian Assange from whom the damaging DNC emails emanated has stated categorically that his source was NOT Russia. I don’t think he has ever lied in any public statement. Has he? Not like James Clapper who has never told the truth!

People who know like Bill Binney say it is most likely an Ed Snowden type in one of the intelligence services who leaked the emails.

And no one in the main stream media has had the temerity, or the bad taste to mention that it is the ultimate act of hypocrisy to accuse Russia of interfering in our elections when everyone knows the only country allowed to interfere in foreign elections and even assassinate their duly elected leaders is the good old USofA. 

Please people, show some common sense and know when smoke is being blown up you know where!

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