Monday, April 23, 2018
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The Trump Presidency

Trump Presidency

The whole world seems poised with bated breath and uncertainty in the question of how the Trump Presidency will unfold.

It seems that Americans themselves are collectively ambivalent, all parties on both sides full of conviction according to their vote, none with any sound basis and everywhere the alleged facts in a state of confusion.

Yet the obvious  goes unseen. Here we have a nation of 300 Million people, the world’s premium Democracy, have just engaged in their four-yearly, multi-billion dollar exercise of democratic choice and in truth they none of them really know what it is they will get.

The Republican Agenda, laid bare by the brazen arrogance of the Bush Presidency, of global war and Empire in which the military-industrial complex is the engine of wealth generation and concentration into the hands of the few, attended by more sucking upward than trickling down has fallen from grace.

Democratic America returned to “Republican Agenda Light” on the celebrated promise of change with a Black President to prove it. After eight long years of refusal to acknowledge reality American Democrats everywhere, apparently still unable to see the obvious were willing to entrust their hope for ‘Change’ in a Woman President, as if expecting nevertheless, the happy ending of a Hollywood movie.

Despite the Disneyland aura, pervasive ignorance and flag-waving patriotism that seems to characterise American Politics and fill the world with despair a ground-swell of emerging upheaval is evident.

The resistance that once was evident only in the outer reaches of the empire in ‘failed states’ and dictatorships run by ‘sons-of-bitches’ that were not ‘ours’ and which has lately beccome apparent among close alies, dismissed as ‘populism’ by the media, is now emergent in America.

Everywhere there is unrest and a mood of anger. A nation grown soft by decades of material affluence and soft-headed by decades of ‘news and entertainment’ is feeling the cold of reality and the expression of desire for change is changing its tone. So they chose Trump.

The question is: ‘Is what they chose, what they will get?’. Was Trump another con? The American political system might well produce a President widely disliked within his own party. But even in the US, particularly within the mind-set of the Republican party, unified around the common desire to be among the ‘Haves’, being as unpopular as Trump appears to be, this seems implausible. So it parallels the Obama episode that the pre-election promise begins to unravel even in the first few days of the presidency.

Did the people who own the American Political Theatre decide that the Republican Agenda was no longer a saleable item? Was it decided to put on the stage a character scripted as someone who would please the audience, Bottom the weaver without a Lion’s costume? It would be a snug fit with the apparent situation.

Clearly obvious, at least among those of us who remember Kennedy, is that if the Trump Presidency unfolds in accordance with the tone of the Trump rhetoric, and the brief tussle with the CIA over hacking accusations tantalisingly suggests it could, then it will be in confrontation with the Congress within weeks and if it takes up the gauntlet in the only way it can, by appeal to the people to assert demands contrary to the will of Congress, the gloves will be off and we know where that goes.

My guess is “Fooled again!”. Who says it can’t happen twice?

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