Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Journalism - The New Subversion


So the New Subversion, according to the BBC, is the tactic of “Stealing information and releasing it” – notice the careful use of the word “releasing” – not ‘selling’ or ‘passing on to a foreign power’.

Even the utterance was somewhat contrived and awkward. The careful choice indicates that someone wants to be very clear about the kind of act they want to demonise and hopefully someday see criminalised; perhaps once the public has been brought on board.

In the era of The Pentagon Papers, when courageous journalists who went to the front line to expose the barbarity of acts of war committed by our side were celebrated as the champions of free speech, such ‘releasing’ of information – not ‘selling’ or ‘passing on to a foreign power’, mind – was championed by the media as ‘freedom of the press’.

The people who did this “Stealing of information” were called ‘whistle-blowers’ and the people who did the “releasing” were called journalists, and if they did both they earned the more highly regarded title of investigative journalists.

But not today’s grovelling gaggle of tardy, unprofessional sycophants, the compliant ‘yes Mr. Murdoch’ types who would send their own colleagues, much less their sources to the dock to save their jobs; trained up in the age of the media Moghuls and the corporate-owned and managed press. “We’ll have none of that!” say their masters; when the one percent wants to make war in a foreign land we’ll have an embedded media, travelling in comfort, hobnobbing with the Generals who will make sense of it all for them and send them home with the required, sanitised spin – a journo junket.

And from this BBC theory of the ‘New Subversion’, we, or at least our BBC-selected experts, leap to speculation about Vladimir Putin’s intention (‘we’ are merely expected to follow in a leap of faith). These intentions being to create as much division as possible between the US and its western allies and to drive wedges between the various branches of the security and intelligence services in order to weaken the Western Alliance and prevent the US from accomplishing regime change in Moscow.

How utterly wicked this Vladimir Putin is, ‘releasing’ all this damaging information about Hilary Clinton’s criminal activity in the middle of a US election, just for the utterly selfish purpose of preventing the US from accomplishing regime change in Moscow. Appalling!

And of course we are quite certain, from the Time zones of hacking activity that this “Stealing of information” was directly authorised by the Kremlin – and Putin being ex-KGB, certainly Putin himself.

Well, thankfully, having listened to all this tripe, we can take hope and comfort in the knowledge that at least one world leader is still committed to Investigative Journalism and Free Speech. Sadly, Britain’s taxpayer-funded broadcaster seems to think that drivel served up with a convincingly authoritative tone will serve as same.

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