Sunday, August 20, 2017
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A Few Words About The Future

biden-obamaThe Dems (if they are smart--which they are not) had better, either start grooming candidates for the Presidential race, or prepare to lose big in 2012. Couldn't happen to a nicer outfit!  When the facts about how Obama/Clinton handled the Egypt negotiations are finally released, they will look like the biggest enemies of democracy in the known world. Even his supporters have to be embarrassed by O's blundering, weak, ambivalent sounding attempts at supporting the revolution in Egypt. I must admit to being grudgingly amazed at how convincingly rational the President can sound while talking absolute nonsense.

The weakening of the US influence in the region, as evidenced by the failure of Obama's backroom negotiations to keep Mubarak in power, may bode well for true Egyptian democracy. Of course this is not the kind of "democracy" our big black* hypocrite wants. We have always been a supporter of stability over democracy in the world and Obama is no exception.

If I were in a position to advise the ruling Egyptian military, my recommendations would sound something like this. Don't piss off the dirty bird (the Amerikan Eagle). Try to pacify the people with as few domestic reforms as you can get away with. Keep Obama's torture and rape rooms and his rendition program running--but as quietly as possible. And above all don't say or do anything to aid the Palestinians. I would also advise the generals to abandon their corruption and the wholesale stuffing of US dollars into their pockets, but I'm afraid that would be going too far--even in a hypothetical fantasy.

If they can do this, Egypt just might be able to walk the razor's edge between some of the reforms the demonstrators were asking for and the iron fist of Israeli lead Amerikan  imperialism. This way the people can be bought off with a superficial show of democracy while not really threatening the status quo. Unfortunately the Muslim Brotherhood must remain repressed because everyone knows, even nonviolent Islamists support terrorism.

I bet the Egyptian people will never see a penny of Mubarak's stolen Billions. Of course it is the US taxpayers' money too. I'm sure that is part of the deal Obama made with him when the ouster looked inevitable.

The momentary subsiding of news from Egypt may now allow a few of those other continuing revolutions in the area to get some needed air play. If a tree falls in the forest and CNN is not there to cover it, does it really fall?

* Black here refers, not to the color of Obama's ethnicity, but to the content of his character.

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